What You Should Know About Raw Feeding


We think that because dogs are predators their digestion is used to eating raw meat and bones, but at the same time a lot of arguments were brought lately about how this might lead to infections with bacteria like Salmonella or E. Coli, so let us check the advantages and disadvantages of this diet. The […]

Puppy Training When Working Full-Time


While working full time it is hard to be able to train your dog as you have limited time to interact and teach the desired behaviors. All is not lost, you can do this using your morning and evening time as well as weekends. Training your dog will indeed take more time initially but continued training can be done through your regular interactions with your dog.

Basic Dog Training Commands


When you think of a dog as a pet you think of calm well mannered dogs who faithfully listen to your every command. Dogs who let you know when its time to go out to use the bathroom and that immediately return to you when you tell them to come. However dogs don’t come out of the box this way there is work that you both must commit to.