Catnip Facts

Catnip Facts 00001

Catnip is quite an amazing herb that makes cats perform some really funny actions such as rolling, twisting, rubbing or clawing the leaves. Here are some catnip facts that every cat owner should know about. Catnip is also known as Catmint and its latin name is Nepeta cataria. A member of the mint family, it […]

Essential Elements When Training a Puppy

Essential Elements When Training a Puppy 00001

Dogs are much more attentive to the behavior of their owner when compared to cats or other pets and this makes them really susceptible to training but you still need some skill to get them to do what you want. Here are what we consider to be the essential elements when training a puppy. To […]

Most Popular Guardian Dog Breeds

Most Popular Guardian Dog Breeds 00001

People want a dog as their pet for different reasons, some want a smart companion, others want a pet that looks cute and others desire protection and safety. For the latter ones the best choice is a guardian breed and today we will take a look at the most popular guardian dog breeds you can […]

Cat Behavior Issues

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Cats are much more mysterious than dogs and their actions sometimes puzzle someone who isn’t used to them as pets. Even after having one for a long time you might still ask yourself questions about some of its habits and this guide of cat behavior is meant to give you the basics needed to understand […]