Common Pet Parasites

Common Pet Parasites

Your pets can have different parasites afflicting them throughout the year and during spring and summer these are especially frequent, so it is really important for you to know how to spot, prevent and treat them so here is our guide to the most common pet parasites. Fleas These are the most common parasites that […]

Early Signs of Kidney Failure in Dogs

Early Signs of Kidney Failure in Dogs 0001

As is the case with us, the kidneys of our pet need to maintain a set concentration of salt and water into the body and once this is disrupted several problems can occur. Let us find out what are the early signs of kidney failure in dogs because they can mean the difference between life […]

Dog Breathing Heavy While Sleeping

Dog Panting 00001

Panting means rapid shallow breaths with an open mouth and when it comes to dogs they are accompanies by the protrusion of the tongue. Dog panting is their way of cooling and they increase air flow this way, but it might also be a symptom of stress, pain or fear. If you notice the dog […]