Dog Equipment Basics

Dog Equipment Basics 0001

When you get a new pet you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of items that you have to purchase for your dog, so here is our dog equipment basics guide to make sure you have everything you need excepting toys and grooming materials because those are quite specific.


Bedding is the first thing because your dog has to sleep somewhere and the choices here vary first in their shape and size, so pick something that is suitable for your pet’s breed. Synthetic products might be harmful, so check what they’re made of and also think about how difficult it will be to clean that place when you buy it.

Collars and Leads

The walks you take with your pet can be a pleasure or a pain and this is highly dependent on the leash and collar they wear, because if you chose badly then they won’t be comfortable at all. The ID tag is also a must because you want your dog to be identified with ease.

Try to choose a wider collar to prevent neck injuries and the material of the collar should be selected according to the activities of your dog (leather and water don’t go well together, so if your dog swims a lot don’t put a leather collar on him).

For walks there are also leads and harnesses to give you extra control or safety over the dog, but there is a longer time needed for your pet to get used to them. A harness is more recommended for smaller dogs.

Food and Water Bowls

With the food that you buy you will also need a place to put it in and here the size and material are the most important. Plastic bowls can be chewed down and might lead to some damage. A ceramic bowl needs to be cleaned daily due to the pores and thus might require extra work.

The best choice is to get a stainless steel bowl because these will last you forever and are really easy to clean. If you worry about the noise of them moving then get one with a rubber coat on the bottom since it will be more stable.

Parasite Protection

The medicated shampoos and collars were used some time ago, but today there are oral pills that prevent fleas or ticks from doing harm to your pet. The thing is that heartworm is usually a bit more difficult to treat and it can be really dangerous, so in this matter it is always best to follow the vet’s instructions instead of taking matters into your own hand.

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