Dog Training will solidify your bond with your buddy.

Dog Training will solidify your bond with your dog

So my dog’s name just happens to be Buddy and we’ve been through three training course and numerous of after hours training him.

The dog training we gave him is what solidified our bond.

Not only does it help you learn how to understand what your dog is thinking and gives you perspective but it is hours of one on one time with your new best buddy. (Or old) Dog training usually is once or twice a week and sometimes even three times a week. Most of the courses are a couple hours; some time for set up and breakdown and a solid hour of training. Courses are usually kept to between ten and fifteen dogs and their owners. After class training is a must with another hour during the day split into a few sessions reinforcing the dog training techniques for both of you.

Your dog during this training learns to respect you as the alpha in the pack and also begins to be able to understand what you want without you even having to ask. Sometimes i feel like I can just stare at Buddy and he’ll do what I’m thinking. This leads into another blog i’ll post where dogs can pick up on more than just voices and hand movements.

In all you have probably spent 9 good hours with your dog every week during training. That is nine hours communicating with your dog. Even if you can’t go to dog training classes; buy a book on dog training, download an online dog training course and spend the hours with your new dog. You will be rewarded with a solid bond with your dog and an unspoken understanding between the both of you.

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