How To Stop Your Puppy Or Dog From Chewing


So you have started your puppy or dog in dog training school. One of the key behaviors that is not usually reviewed in dog training school is chewing. This undesirable behavior in dogs can seem cute while they are a puppy but as they grow this turns into a more and more destructive issue.

It is hard to go over a chewing problem in dog training classes because dogs often have nothing to chew on or destroy while in the class! If you have a dog with a chewing problem either on shoes or even walls read on. You can train your puppy to only play with his toys. My dog knows the difference between a slipper and his toy. He only plays with his toys and nothing else. Follow these steps and you can have a well behaved puppy as well.

This type of dog training can be for dogs young and old. Many people find this part of dog training to be more common in puppies. But older dogs have been know to need this type of dog training because they love to chew things up while their owners are away!

To begin this type of dog training, you must first realize that all dogs chew. Dogs need to chew. So when you begin, make sure you have several things that are ok for your dog to chew on. Then begin your dog training by keeping all of your dogs chewing toys in one location.

This way, your dog will learn to associate this spot with his or her chew toys. You must do this in order for this type of dog training to work. Try to have the dog toys in a “toy box” for your dog.

During this dog training, never spank or hit your dog if you catch it chewing on something it is not allowed to. Instead, for effective dog training, praise your dog and pet it when it chews on what it is supposed to chew on. See other articles on this site about positive reinforcement. Never ever use discipline as a training technique!

It has been shown that dogs respond much better to positive praise and positive dog training. If the dog continues to chew on things that it shouldn’t, verbally reprimand it. Your tone of voice will be enough punishment and is the only punishment necessary for this kind of dog training.

Another method of dog training you can try is to put a taste deterrent on the items your dog shouldn’t chew. This Dog Training chew deterrent is called “bitter apple” and it is available at most pet stores.

These are the most effective means of dog training that will teach your dog not to chew on inappropriate things. If you follow all of these aspects, your dog training should go more smoothly.

Dog training can be a fun and rewarding experience…as long as all of your favorite things aren’t chewed up in the process! Keep calm and be patient to achieve good results.


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    Joline – You want to start training your dog when it is a puppy. After about 10 months or so they have engrained in behaviors they have learned. You can still train dogs older than this but after they turn 14 months it will just take a little longer and more patience. You do the same steps with any age dog, just be sure to be consistent and patient.

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